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Another Project Succesfully Completed

Dear readers,

I am really enthused about the project that was completed today. After months of dedicated work the Belgacom Skynet team and its partners really delivered. During this time I have been working in a great team which consists of web developers, integrators, database engineers, managers, editors, functional analysts and testers. The spirit and the drive of this amazing team is through the roof. Like I said in one of my previous posts “Never work a day in your life again” work really doesn’t feel like a job when you love what you do. The project consists of 6 (SIX!!) complete new websites. No matter what age you are, no matter your interest, if you can read dutch or french it will get you hooked in one two three. Let us look at the websites one at the time.

Skynet News
News and Sport:

If you are interested in the daily news the content of this segment is immense. It ranges from the latest news in Belgium, the world, politics, entertainment, economics, sport to the latest results from the lottery.
You can read thousands of articles or view the videos in streaming format.

It also has a handy weather feature. If you want to know the weather conditions for the upcoming days just look it up at the click of a button.

Skynet Lili

This site is especially for women. Ranging from pregnancy to showbiz gossip. Read up on wellness, gastronomy, feelings, kids, family,…

Skynet Jack

The fast lane. Cars, stock and finance, babes, adventure, lifestyle, gadgets…

Skynet Entertainment

Concerts, movies, music and so much more. The one stop for leisure time.
You can download the latest charts, view the latest trailers and read up on the blogs of other people interested in entertainment.

Skynet Services

A couple of keywords:

  • Route planner
  • job seeker
  • car finder
  • buy and sell
  • dating
  • search
  • yellow and white pages

Skynet Mobile

All proximus customers will be pleased to read that all the services from live.proximus.be are integrated in this easy to navigate segment.

I hope you have fun surfing on the latest project I am involved in. I plan on doing a lot more projects in the future, but this will always be one of the sweetest. The next big thing should be the completion of my book: the lives of the very successful.

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme
Always looking for ways to stretch my capacity.

Lives of the very successful

Dear reader,

Today I am going to write about the ultimate risk-takers, the masters of the universe, the go-getters and the achievers. They are such inspiring role-models it is only natural for me writing a book about them. The book should be finished in August this year and a lot of important names have already agreed to cooperate with it. This will make the book on itself a success, but I promise you dear reader, that it will be so much more. It will be a book that opens your eyes with real life examples that you can indeed achieve your goals. Be it founding your own company, being a guru with several books written, having a top executive position in a multi-million dollar company, being a founder of the latest web 2.0 hype bought in for a part of it shares by Microsoft.

Everything is possible. And this book will show you how they did it. Inside the masters of the universe will show you how.

Interested in reading the book? Interested in an eye opener that will change your life for the best? I know you are! But you’ll just have to wait till August.

Want to be one of the first? Write me an email if you want to be notified when the initial draft is distributed.

And if you know someone in IT, for who work and career take on the quality of a mission, and have succeeded in making their goal a success, just email me their name, and perhaps he or she will be included in the book.

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme

Never Work a Day in Your Life Again

Stop working, start having fun… Today!

Imagine a life where you never have to work again. Imagine a life of joy.
Worry free, a place where you are glad to get out of bed. A life where everyday is like a gift you have to discover. Some of the gifts will be predictable, others will be a real surprise. Nonetheless, it are gifts. You see yourself accepting them with great joy and enthusiasm. You can’t wait to unwrap them and see what today brings.

Now imagine yourself doing the job you love to do. Everyday a pleasure, money in abundance and your self esteem rising like an eagle knowing you are doing what you love to do. I want you to stop reading and think about this for a minute. Think about what you love to do and how you would feel if you made a livelihood from it. Wouldn’t that feel great? I know it does, I know you are reading this with a smile on your face. Maybe you have some rejections and you want to tell me that it can’t be done. Well if you can dream it, feel it and see yourself doing it, trust me you can do it! It just takes faith, faith in yourself. But it won’t be easy.

Nothing in life is really easy. But it gets easier when you are doing the things you are meant to do. The hardest thing in life is doing the things that don’t belong to you. When you are going in the opposite direction of the person that is within you, your authentic self, you lose the battle. By forcing yourself in a role other than the role you feel deep inside you should be, you are draining yourself of precious life energy. And everything you do will be a struggle. Imagine yourself blowing up a very large beach ball and trying to conquer it by holding it under water. At first it will be effortless. You will be able to hold the ball suppressed under water, holding it from going to the surface where it is meant to be. You see the ball trying to flip to the left, then to the right, always trying to reach the surface, and you see yourself non stop trying to keep it down. You know you cannot afford to be non vigilant at the cost of the ball emerging, because at that time it will find it way to the top. If you are one of those people and I am talking to 95% of you, you know it is true, you are constantly suppressing your inner self. And you know it. You know it because sometimes when you are alone, driving, laying on the couch, walking the streets, your inner self comes knocking. You know you have so much to give, and you are just not living at your full potential.

Do yourself a favor, believe in yourself, give yourself a chance to be you. Stop fighting yourself. Be happy give your authentic self the expression it needs. You cannot afford not being the person you ought to be. You have one life, it is your responsibility to make it the life of your dreams. Live toward the dreams, claim your life.

How can you be the person you want to be? One step at a time. You have to know where you are going, but you do not have to know how to get there. Don’t ask yourself how. That isn’t important. What is important is that you decide today that you claim your life and you start moving in the general direction of where you want to be. Start opening your mind to the possibility of you being you. Maybe your dream has been sleeping for almost your entire life. It is time to awaken the inner giant. Stop holding the ball under water, release it and see it bursting through the surface. From then on the ball will float effortless on the water. When you are going in the direction you are meant to go, everything will get easier. You will float through life. Don’t you ever think you help yourself or your beloved ones by not being who you are meant to be.

Start moving into the general direction, see yourself doing the things you would do if you were the person you want to be. Now start
doing those things everyday a little more. Start acting like that person. Act. That is all you have to do. Eventually you will become that
person. Start reading how other people did it. Choose someone you admire and read his life story. Ask yourself how would they do it, and do it.

Set a goal, take action and persist with passion. Everyday will be a blessing. Before long you will be telling yourself what a fool you have been not being your authentic self. Life will be fun, full with joy. Start living the blessed life, take your responsibility. You are 100% accountable, it is your life, claim it.

And remember all of the following:

  • Find a job you love, and you will never have to work again.” — Confucius
  • Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” — Buddha
  • It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” — Napoleon Hill
  • Before success comes in any man’s life, he’s sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That’s exactly what the majority of men do.” — Napoleon Hill
  • You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” — Beverly Sills
  • No man is ever whipped until he quits in his own mind.” — Napoleon Hill

I know you can do it! If you are in need of a little help I am more then happy to coach you. Just send me an email, come over to the 5% side and start living the charmed life. If you want to read more about how to get everything you want I suggest you read up on the Science of Getting Rich

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme

Becoming a high-paid consultant / programmer

As I said before, this blog is all about you.

Today I received a thank you letter from one of my readers.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind it being posted here.

Hello Nick,

You will be pleased to hear that today I signed a contract  for my first real programming job. It had always been a dream and now it has become reality.  I start on Monday. I want to thank you for the tremendous help you gave me and for bringing me in contact with the right people.

Thank you so much



One of my readers took action and wrote me an email requesting how he could start earning money with what he loves to do. He told me his passion is in programming and he wanted to make a livelihood from it.

Sure why not I replied! Do you have some credentials, how long have you been programming and what would you like to earn?

Steve could provide with little credentials as he just graduated. But he was passionate about programming. And what he lacks in real life experience, he makes up in enthusiasm and the willing to learn.

I noticed he was really serious about it and suggested I would call some contacts in the recruiting sector.

As a starting consultant he could make from 30 euros an hour up to 200 euros  as a more professional programmer.

I am always happy to hear when I am able to help people like Steve. In the end it is all about becoming successful and sharing that success with your fellow man.

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme