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Becoming a high-paid consultant / programmer

As I said before, this blog is all about you.

Today I received a thank you letter from one of my readers.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind it being posted here.

Hello Nick,

You will be pleased to hear that today I signed a contract  for my first real programming job. It had always been a dream and now it has become reality.  I start on Monday. I want to thank you for the tremendous help you gave me and for bringing me in contact with the right people.

Thank you so much



One of my readers took action and wrote me an email requesting how he could start earning money with what he loves to do. He told me his passion is in programming and he wanted to make a livelihood from it.

Sure why not I replied! Do you have some credentials, how long have you been programming and what would you like to earn?

Steve could provide with little credentials as he just graduated. But he was passionate about programming. And what he lacks in real life experience, he makes up in enthusiasm and the willing to learn.

I noticed he was really serious about it and suggested I would call some contacts in the recruiting sector.

As a starting consultant he could make from 30 euros an hour up to 200 euros  as a more professional programmer.

I am always happy to hear when I am able to help people like Steve. In the end it is all about becoming successful and sharing that success with your fellow man.

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme