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Another Project Succesfully Completed

Dear readers,

I am really enthused about the project that was completed today. After months of dedicated work the Belgacom Skynet team and its partners really delivered. During this time I have been working in a great team which consists of web developers, integrators, database engineers, managers, editors, functional analysts and testers. The spirit and the drive of this amazing team is through the roof. Like I said in one of my previous posts “Never work a day in your life again” work really doesn’t feel like a job when you love what you do. The project consists of 6 (SIX!!) complete new websites. No matter what age you are, no matter your interest, if you can read dutch or french it will get you hooked in one two three. Let us look at the websites one at the time.

Skynet News
News and Sport:

If you are interested in the daily news the content of this segment is immense. It ranges from the latest news in Belgium, the world, politics, entertainment, economics, sport to the latest results from the lottery.
You can read thousands of articles or view the videos in streaming format.

It also has a handy weather feature. If you want to know the weather conditions for the upcoming days just look it up at the click of a button.

Skynet Lili

This site is especially for women. Ranging from pregnancy to showbiz gossip. Read up on wellness, gastronomy, feelings, kids, family,…

Skynet Jack

The fast lane. Cars, stock and finance, babes, adventure, lifestyle, gadgets…

Skynet Entertainment

Concerts, movies, music and so much more. The one stop for leisure time.
You can download the latest charts, view the latest trailers and read up on the blogs of other people interested in entertainment.

Skynet Services

A couple of keywords:

  • Route planner
  • job seeker
  • car finder
  • buy and sell
  • dating
  • search
  • yellow and white pages

Skynet Mobile

All proximus customers will be pleased to read that all the services from live.proximus.be are integrated in this easy to navigate segment.

I hope you have fun surfing on the latest project I am involved in. I plan on doing a lot more projects in the future, but this will always be one of the sweetest. The next big thing should be the completion of my book: the lives of the very successful.

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme
Always looking for ways to stretch my capacity.