Lives of the very successful

Dear reader,

Today I am going to write about the ultimate risk-takers, the masters of the universe, the go-getters and the achievers. They are such inspiring role-models it is only natural for me writing a book about them. The book should be finished in August this year and a lot of important names have already agreed to cooperate with it. This will make the book on itself a success, but I promise you dear reader, that it will be so much more. It will be a book that opens your eyes with real life examples that you can indeed achieve your goals. Be it founding your own company, being a guru with several books written, having a top executive position in a multi-million dollar company, being a founder of the latest web 2.0 hype bought in for a part of it shares by Microsoft.

Everything is possible. And this book will show you how they did it. Inside the masters of the universe will show you how.

Interested in reading the book? Interested in an eye opener that will change your life for the best? I know you are! But you’ll just have to wait till August.

Want to be one of the first? Write me an email if you want to be notified when the initial draft is distributed.

And if you know someone in IT, for who work and career take on the quality of a mission, and have succeeded in making their goal a success, just email me their name, and perhaps he or she will be included in the book.

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme


  1. The title “Lives of the very successful” gives me a feeling that in order to be successful you need to have a lot of money. In my humble opinion I think that success is measured by the influence you have on people, like Linus Torvalds and Alan Cox had, or take a look at Adam Curry (first VJ for Veronica TV and now father of podcasting), etc … so many people have had successes in their lives and opened up these successes to the rest of the world, even if it was humanitarian, cultural, technological or industrial, their successes changed human kind and I believe this is the true form of success.

    Just my 2-cents,


  2. Nick says:

    Success has nothing to do with money. It has all to do with state of mind, and achieving the goals you set. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi lived a life of much success. They have with their mind power and will achieved extraordinary results. Results a king’s ransom could not buy. Yet they had no money.
    The title “Lives of the very successful” is a perfect title and has nothing to do with money.
    In fact in the entire blog post money is not mentioned one time.

    Yours Truly,
    Nick Belhomme
    Ps. Thanks for suggesting the names you did.

  3. Einstein says:

    My opinion of success is not only measured by the influence you have on people as Michelangelo said, but a mixture of:

    A.Be the best person you can be (and have the will to change and grow your entire life).

    B.create a stable warm home front and make sure your spouse and kids feel truly loved and are getting the attention they need from you (what good is having influence on strangers if the ones closest to you aren’t happy). abundance. Yes money is very important to achieve complete happiness in life, it can also make it possible for you to give to those who are in need).

    D.Set your goals high for yourself, belief in the impossible,don’t give up,not to have tried is the true failure.

    And most of all:
    Success is not a matter of how many people look up to you, envy you or know you,not about how many times you have been in the tabloids, how many hot girls you have dated…

    Here’s a great Einstein Quote about success: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

    Albert Einstein”.

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