Installing Ubuntu 8.10 BusyBox

Hello potential lost soul,

Developers everywhere in the world love using a linux variant.

I decided to use Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. But during install I had a lot of troubles getting it on my system.
I always got the initramfs and the busybox console. This made installing a real problem. As my system was new and I
did not know if it was a bios problem or some Ubuntu glitch. After reading and doing some trial and error with the tips on:

I finally found the solution. I had to install with the extra options:

— all_generic_ide floppy=no irqpoll

This did the trick and 15 minutes later I was running Intrepid Ibex.

I hopeĀ  this post helps someone who is lost during the install and has the same problem I had. If this does not work I strongly suggest trying the link above as it has lots of other solutions posted.

Warm winter greetings from Belgium
Nick Belhomme

Ps. If you do not yet have a linux distribution you can use Ubuntu for free. Just download it or request a free cd at Ubuntu.


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  1. Radman says:

    I had a similar problem.

    I had a SATA drive and an IDE HDD on the same machine. The CD drive was on the same IDE interface as the IDE HDD.

    The solution was to remove the IDE HDD!!

    No boot flags or switches seemed to make any difference.

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