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Installing Ubuntu 8.10 BusyBox

Hello potential lost soul,

Developers everywhere in the world love using a linux variant.

I decided to use Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex. But during install I had a lot of troubles getting it on my system.
I always got the initramfs and the busybox console. This made installing a real problem. As my system was new and I
did not know if it was a bios problem or some Ubuntu glitch. After reading and doing some trial and error with the tips on:


I finally found the solution. I had to install with the extra options:

— all_generic_ide floppy=no irqpoll

This did the trick and 15 minutes later I was running Intrepid Ibex.

I hopeĀ  this post helps someone who is lost during the install and has the same problem I had. If this does not work I strongly suggest trying the link above as it has lots of other solutions posted.

Warm winter greetings from Belgium
Nick Belhomme

Ps. If you do not yet have a linux distribution you can use Ubuntu for free. Just download it or request a free cd at Ubuntu.