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Zend Framework Bug Hunting Day

Hello World,

I know it has been a while, no excuses.

But I have something important to tell the PHP community. Upcoming Saturday 08 November 2008 it is Bug hunting day. This BHD is  organized by phpBelgium and phpGG,  and sponsored by Zend, iBuildings and ServerGrove. If you would like to learn more about Zend Framework this is the day to do it. As this is the framework that will be worked on that day.

This makes it a great opportunity for beginners and experts in the field to sharpen their skills. Everybody has used a program that had bugs and those were very annoying. You hoped those would be fixed in the next release. Well we are going to open up Zend Framework and look at all the bugs that were committed to Zend and try to solve them. This means digging into the code and learning how everything works from the inside out. What a great opportunity!! We always need pratical uses to make studying pleasant and this is surely one of them. So take out your agenda and reserve this Saturday for a trip to Hotel de Goderie at Roosendaal between 11:00h and 17:00h. You would not only work on your favorite framework but also help the community.

It is free so please confirm your participation at Upcoming or at the website of phpBelgium or phpGG.

What to bring:

  • Good Humor
  • Motivation
  • A laptop
  • Money or a prepared lunch as this is not included in the day for people who have not registered. It has been provided by the Sponsors.
  • Another PHP Enthusiast

I will be joining this day, so I hope to see you then.

Happy Bughunting from Sunny Belgium,

Nick Belhomme
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