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Mastering Namespaces in PHP at PHPBenelux Conference

On Saturday 29th January I held my Mastering Namespaces in PHP presentation at the PHPBenelux Conference. The second edition of this awesome conference has put the conference on the European map as a classic must-go-to. The ratings are through the roof!

See what attendees are saying:

  • “already the best conference of the year”
  • “Great conference! The best i had in years.”
  • “5 THUMBS UP!!”
  • “Top class speakers, which make a good schedule”

I must say I am really happy I was part of making all those people have a wonderful day by giving the Mastering Namespaces in PHP Presentation which was – although for some people lacking some colour in the black and white slides – regarded very good:

  • “Spot on. All aspects of namespaces were covered, and explained well. Included with examples & references”
  • “The subject was well covered, and Nick clearly knew what he was talking about.”
  • “Good presentation about namespaces! Good explanation about how it works, some pitfalls and best practices. I liked it a lot!”
  • “Clear introduction into Namespacing in PHP with the good and bad clearly outlined. Very informative and thorough.”

To all the people who attended and took the time to rate my presentation at joind.in a big thanks,

See you next time
Nick Belhomme