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Let’s Connect!

Yesterday I was strolling the Fundays at Aarschot. The result was a new pair of pants and a great book written by Jan Vermeiren titled: “Let’s Connect!”. After relaxing with a drink or two in the sun it was ready to go home. I hanged the pair of pants in my closet and made my self comfortable on my couch. I picked up the book and started reading.

Hello there,  this is Nick Belhomme and today I am writing my 50 cents on “Let’s Connect!” written by Jan Vermeiren and published by Prenctice Hall.

Maybe you have heard about networking. Maybe you didn’t.

Answers.com has this to say about networking: “An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support.”

Please observe that no egoism or selling is involved in this definition. It has nothing to do with hard-selling. But everything about “mutual” assistance and or support. People can achieve great results, fantastic results, but we are only a men or a woman. Isn’t it obvious that you can not be the know all, be all?! It is only when people work together towards a bigger goal that big things can be achieved.

Doesn’t it make sense to contact people who maybe have the answer to your specific need or question? And in return you give them access to your resources.

Receiving is one part of networking, but the other part is even more important: Giving!

By giving without expecting something in return you build trust and a relationship. This is your most valuable resource. It creates opportunities and possibilities. Giving to your network makes you grow individually, spiritually and gives your career wing.

The book of Jan Vermeiren is all about networking. What it is, what it isn’t and how to successfully create or expand your (existing) network.  You will read about the traditional networking methods like events, seminars, letters etc. But also about the newer ones like LinkedIn, Ecademy, Xing and Ryze. It will also tell you how to do follow-ups and how to successfully introduce your networking base to each other.

The entire book has some very valuable information and is clearly written. Everybody that is already or would like to begin with networking should read this book.

It took me a couple of hours to read the book sitting on my couch, but it will save me months of doing things the “wrong” way. Because like everything in life there is a certain way you can do things to get them done more effectively. Reading this book is a good start.

Sunny greetings from Belgium
Nick Belhomme

Ps.  You can visit: http://www.letsconnect.be for free courses and a free light version of the book.