Zend Framework 2.0 Cookbook

Hello my dearest reader,

You have probably heard about a PHP framework called Zend Framework. If you haven’t, you break my heart.
It is the coolest thing on the block. Already it has been around for a couple of years and has proven its value in almost all enterprise applications World Wide. Some use it as a component library, others use the full stack MVC implementation. If you still not know what I am talking about you have probably booked a one way ticket to the moon and lost all connectivity (despite your smartphone).

What is more is that Zend Framework will be releasing a 2.0 version in the first half of next year (2011). That means within a few months. You will need some guidance because the changes are huge! A complete new MVC implementation, autoloading and plugin broker system, namespaces, Exception handling, backward compatibility breaks and so on. Well, that guidance will be available with a book that will be published shortly after the version 2.0 release.

I proudly present to you the “Zend Framework 2.0 Cookbook”

You will be able to pick it up at all major bookstores near you and of course on Amazon.

The book is being written by me in close relationship with some high key Zend Framework profiles. Every one of us contributes and takes a very close look at the 2.0 framework which should make it THE reference for the 2.0 branch.

Because it is a cookbook it is more targeted to the developer who wants to know how to get something done quickly instead of building an entire application before actually understanding it. You can use it to start
building a ZF application but the target is the developer who already has some knowledge with version 1 and wants to know how to do it in zf2. It tries to fill the gaps in the official documentation and thus works closely
together with that resource. Providing a quick reference and plenty of example codes should help the beginning zf developer as well as the more advanced.

If you want to keep updated on the release of this book, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or this blog.
Soon I will start to publish short tips from the book, already helping you to better understand Zend Framework 2.0

Have fun with Zend Framework 2.0, its release is closer than you think,
Nick Belhomme


  1. NickBelhomme says:

    RAW -Read as I Write- format now available for download:


    What is a RAW Book?

    Buying a Packt RAW book allows you to access Packt books before they’re published. A RAW (Read as we Write) book is an eBook available for immediate download, and containing all the material written for the book so far.

    As the author writes more, you are invited to download the new material and continue reading, and learning. Chapters in a RAW book are not “work in progress”, they are drafts ready for you to read, use, and learn from. They are not the finished article of course – they are RAW!With a RAW book, you get immediate access, and the opportunity to participate in the development of the book, making sure that your voice is heard to get the kind of book that you want.

    Because ZF2.0 is still under development the book is also still under development. And that means ALL CHAPTERS are revisited on an ongoing process. That can take a while so have patience while new material and updated material becomes available… Want to make sure something is mentioned, tell me!

    Nick Belhomme

  2. zahid says:

    I just would like to know whether this book cover ZEND/DI (dependency injection) and ZEND Event Manger.

    Please discuss in details.


  3. Fred says:

    Hi Nick,
    Got a copy of your book, great book! Just a quick question, how often do you plan to update the done chapters?

  4. Nick says:

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for the comment. The book chapters are updated on a regular basis. Yet Packt Publishing does not update the RAW version on each alteration. Even more they do not update the RAW version at all with revisions. Revised chapters are only going to be published when the final book is published.


  5. Fred says:

    Thanks for quick reply!
    Can I get hold of a copy of revised chapters from you? Happy to share my receipt for original purchase etc

  6. jp says:

    Maybe I’m just totally lost, but it seems like the beginning of the 2.0 cookbook is aimed at ZF 1.11.11.
    Am I out of line on this?

  7. Nick says:

    Hi Jp,
    You are totally correct! When I first started writing the book no development was done against ZF2. So I started writing the book against the latest ZF1 version and updated each chapter with each iteration of ZF2.0.

    However Packt released the book as Raw but does not update the RAW edition on regular time intervals so the version you have in your hands is more suitable for ZF1 understanding than for ZF2 understanding.


  8. Rafael says:

    I just bought your book however I noticed your unit testing section is outdated (zf1). Any prevision when It will be updated?

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