Let the music guide you

You are silently writing code. Transferring the solution baked into your mind to the script you’re writing. Sometimes silence is your best friend while coding, but there are times your creativity can use a boost. Put on some great music and let the waves of pure rhythm guide you.

Hello this is Nick Belhomme and today I am going to introduce you to Deezer.

Deezer is free music on demand. It is best described as a radio station where you are in charge. You select an album or song and Deezer does the rest. It will serve different related artists to your ears. You will enjoy the non stop stream of the latest quality music while coding. You’ll type your coding with more flair, with more conviction, with more spirit. After all music is a 100% natural brain stimulant. If you are coding long hours and suddenly that special song comes along, you are revitalized and ready to code some more with renewed energy. All companies know this and that is why they often use radio stations on the work floor. We programmers are blessed, we do not have to endure the classic radio stations filled with crappy talks about how bad the economical situation is, child abuse, murder and or useless small talk all in favor of doing some commercial advertising. Nopes we can use internet radios. And Deezer is on top of that list if you want quality.  Only music and none of the crap from above.

You can create an account but is is not required. When you do you can create playlists for future playback and much more. But like I said it is not required and within 2 clicks upon entering the site you could be enjoying some great music, absolutely free.

So start coding, shaking, boogieing, dancing, nodding your head, humming and smiling when you hear that special song at http://www.deezer.com

Sunny greetings from Belgium

Nick Belhomme

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