Hello, as you probably have guessed my name is Nick Belhomme.

I have been programming my entire life. At the age of 6 the first computer I put my hands on was an Atari 2006 and quickly upgraded to a Commodore 64 and Amiga500 followed by my first 286 PC.

Since 2001 I am a full time IT Consultant specialized in PHP.
I love what I do, it is my hobby, my livelihood, my life!

Naturally I do have an offline life. This I gladly share with my girl Chanie and our two pet cats: Nero (the roman emperor) and Google (Jeps we named him after the search engine).

If you are like me, and I know a lot of programmers are out there, please feel free to contact me at “contact AT nickbelhomme.com”

Nick Belhomme PHP5 Zend Certified EngineerNick Belhomme Zend Framework Certified Engineer

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