Quality Assurance in PHP projects

Hello my dearest Unit tester,

My profession is assuring quality in IT projects. For this I implement systems at my client their work environments so that development teams can deliver the best code possible. I also give workshops and recently I gave one at PHPBenelux on Quality Assurance in PHP Projects. It was a 4 hour workshop and got very good feedback.
The slides are here: http://www.slideshare.net/NickBelhomme/php-quality-assurance-workshop-phpbenelux

One of the feedback I got was also related to the PHPUnit training course excerpt I released some time ago to the community.
The reason why I did this is because I felt Quality in software projects can and should be assured. Quality assurance (QA) is not only lacking in most PHP projects but often – most of the time – projects in other languages such as Java or .Net also lack them. Operating systems, application, games and sites are often released followed immediately with a continuous stream of bug fix patches. This means quality assurance is not a language specific problem, but a project problem. Because independent from the language you are using , as soon as you do not have a quality assurance system in place you will sooner or later face a problem. After receiving a lot of requests asking for the demo project from the excerpt I have decided to put it on-line on Github.

It is on-line under a creative common license, meaning you can contribute freely to the project.
The only thing you need to do is create a Github account, fork the project, implement your improvements and or feature requests and then do a pull request.

The project is dependent on PHP 5.3 or higher and uses namespaces, SPL Exceptions, Closures. In short the works for you to play with all these latest programming technique introduced to the PHP community 2 years ago with the launch of PHP 5.3

A big thanks to Zend for hosting the project at http://nickbelhomme.projectx.zend.com.
They make certain all the necessary tools are available and updated to the latest versions.
This way you can see the project in action. It is a text-adventure game which accepts only text input.
Generally you will need to use commands such as “look”, “take”, “open”, “go to”, “use” and many others to advance in the game.

Have fun,
Nick Belhomme

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